writing again

April 18, 2009

I have been planning on writing on this blog for a whole now. But, procrastination, in my case, has not led to anything beneficial.

I have often considered being a regular blogger, write a post everyday, on anything random- on work, on the little somethings and nothing at all. One of the issues I faced, the very few times, I got around to start writing something was, do bloggers have a private space? Maybe yes, or maybe no.

A friend once, gave a very logical explaination- why write them on a blog, if you want them to be private? write a diary instead and keep it to yourself. But, maybe people do find peace or some form of consolation in writing about their trying days, about their challenges, about their never ending complaints or the like- maybe the idea of people, unknown and far away, reading and understanding, matters. Maybe, when the loved ones fail to understand, strangers do. I do not have the answers yet. But, I would like to give it try again.

My writings till date have been features, as the readers will note- mostly human rights, education and other issues,published in New Age, the National Newspaper, in Bangladesh. This blog started with the idea of posting my published work- stories that I had felt passionately about. Few years later, I moved to a consultancy firm, which I must admit was a tough call. I dreamt upto being a journalist- but that didn’t seem to be financially viable.

Like everyone else, I had to move on and like they say, sell my soul to the corporate world. Writing as a result, has taken a back seat. I do contribute occasionally, but there is nothing like staying up all night to meet weekly deadlines to file stories, or exploring around to unfold a story!

My friends, who have always said I am a wonderful writer and that I should never stop writing, also admitted that I only write well about thing I care about or feel passionately about.

To myself, writing has always been a space where I find myself. where I have found peace.

and that is a good enough reason to start over, wouldn’t you say? I have not done real time blogging, but here is a start.


  1. I was wondering why your postings slowed down. I agree in I think writing needs an outlet. You are a good writer, and the world needs good writers.


    • Thanks michael. This really means a lot 🙂

  2. Hi Tahmina, you maybe don’t remember me, but we took a couple of economics classes together in ESS. Just wanted to say that I always find your writing interesting, especially when you interview people and bring out their takes on matters.

    I have the same conflict about publishing private thoughts on a public space. It’s a bit challenging to find a balance sometimes. To me it’s about engaging with people and letting them have a discussion with me and each other.

    I hope you get to write a lot more about the stuff you want to.


  3. Yawar, thanks for the note. It turns out my memory is not as sharp as yours sadly. Again, thank you very much for this, and I do hope to catch up with you.

  4. hey!!! u write really well!keep them coming 🙂

  5. I just found your blog today, and i believe you should keep it up with the writings, cause u are indeed talented.
    But don’t throw your job away, at least not yet.
    Maybe ten years from know you will be able to put it aside and focus on writings.
    And writing with your heart is the only that matter for a writer, writer are too judgmental about their own writing, if your soul doesn’t like what you wrote it won’t let you sleep.
    Writing is a matter of feeling, you feel the word, you dreamed them, it’s purely inspirational that’s what i believed.
    Good luck anyway and keep it up

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