cheap human lives

February 28, 2009

In a blink of a moment, life seems to have changed in Bangladesh. The past three days have been nothing less than a night mare- panic and fear seemed to have conquered the place that pulsated with energy and life just moments before the mass killing occurred on February 25, 2009 at 9:30 am.

We are told the mutiny is over now. The panic is over. We can relax and move on. After all, it’s just the death of human lives and that too, has justifications. Doesn’t it? Three days on, we are reeling into the aftermath of the mutiny that has left permanent scars, many unanswered questions and broken faith. Reportedly on Wednesday, after senior BDR officers refused to consider better pay and conditions for the troops, they broke out and found their battle ground in Dhaka and spread further.

In two days, over 100 people-army officers, civilians, families, women and children have been killed. There are reports of rape, slaughter of children, dead bodies being dumped into manholes and worse. While there has been great degree of coverage on the incident, we are still unclear as to what happened, still unsure, if such extreme steps were taken for pay cuts and conditions, or this was the cause of cycle of corruption. There are several questions yet to be answered. But those lives are gone and the scars will remain with those who lost their families and loved ones forever. There is no justification for them.

But, of course, BDR officials have their justifications. In one of the reports in BBC, it read, “Speaking on Wednesday, one of the mutineers in Dhaka told the BBC that the guards had had to take up arms to resolve problems with their officers’. ‘Our families might suffer because of what we have done, but they have been exploiting us for more than 200 years,’ the man said. And of course, if you are exploited, if your rights and demands are not met, it is a sufficient justification to kill people and slaughter innocent children, to destroy lives and families. They should have used explosive bombs too, instead of just guns. That way, they could have killed more people. This is the world we live in after all.

We live in a world, where we know more about killing than living. We live in a world, where we have justifications for killing and destroying human lives. This is precisely why, many of the facebook statuses have been devoted to how many people support BDR’s act because after all it was their right. This is precisely what we have learnt in this world after all. Kill people. Don’t just use the gun, plant a bomb or more. Destroy lives. And kill some more.

After all, it’s all about my right, my demands.

By all means, the grievances of the BDR jawans are genuine. But they do not in any way justify this violent act.

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