the ride

January 22, 2009

The Dhaka streets never looked like this, she thought. Or maybe she never noticed, or maybe she never walked at this time, alone.

She passed by the large shopping complexes, the tea sellers and the empty rickshaws lined up beside the pavement. Right across the street stood a dilapidated trolley, deserted and shuttered for the night. The trolley must be for an Iftar seller.

More apartments. More complexes. It’s crazy how so many apartments and shopping complexes have grown on both sides of the road of Dhanmondi road 2.

She finally took a rickshaw and motioned the puller to go straight, not knowing where exactly she would be going at 9 at night. She stared at the seemingly endless road and endless empty rickshaws, tea-sellers, passer-by, strangers busy with their own activities and problems.

Dhaka, probably has no place for ghosts, no place for loners, she thought. They just did not fit in at all anymore. This is the busiest city ever. With more than 10 million people stacked in an area of less than 815.85 square kilo metres. People still survive. People still breathe. Villagers want to move to the city- for fortune and better future. And the city dwellers feel trapped and want to get away- but money does wonders doesn’t it?

Perhaps that was exactly why this place is so intriguing- always full of bustle and hustle.

The puller took a turn- the streetlights still illuminated the almost empty road.

Most of the buildings are tall- unimaginative and lifeless. She passed by older houses too, right at the intersection of road 4, comfortably dilapidated in the middle of their more posh and wealthy neighbours.

There are always the light and dark sides of everything. Like this city, everyone’s life too has evolved through the good and the bad- the light and the dark.

These endless roads, the emptiness and searing silence tell her something. And she continues to try to listen very hard..


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  2. Very nice read Tahmina. This IS the busiest city in the world, certainly from among the cities that I have been in. You are only talking about Dhanmondi, a relatively quieter, and hence posh, section of Dhaka. I wonder how a writer would describe the endless rows and columns of people moving about in no particular pattern or arrangement across pavements and roads in places like Nobabpur, Johnson Road, Gulistan, Jatrabari, Motijheel, Jinjira and Dholaikhal. Writers can write pages and pages on these places and on Dhaka, and yet I dont see much literature devoted to our beloved Dhaka city. Why? Anyway, it was refreshing to see you write so nicely about this.

  3. I like this one. I am also grateful u didnt get mugged. does the city say the same things to everyone?

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