April 28, 2008

Why do we spend most part of our lives in search of unconditional aspects? love. dedication and happiness. Can everything in life be unconditional? many would say yes and others would oppose. Ofcourse there is a reason to oppose. if we knew since the moment of birth till that split second of death, that we are gifted with many wonders in life- each being conditional- having their own limits, boundaries and conditions attached, it would be difficult to live through, isn’t it?

People speak of unconditional love- love that is without limitations, conditions, or reservations. But we constantly seek for someone who will provide us with all that- as though our happiness is dependent on how others perform, how others will love us and care about us. And when they don’t provide you with that, you are left shattered and lonely. and you wonder as to why you cannot provide that love, that happiness to yourself- you give them to your loved ones, why not yourself? why do we need to look on to someone else to heal, support and stand by?

At the end of each experience, most of us seem to be always disappointed and hurt. People come, love and leave at the end. and that is simply because we always tend to place people in the position to let us down, we give them the power to hurt us and make us feel ignored.

But, I can’t fight the logic that at the end, no matter how much you try to make yourself happy, you need that warmth and love from someoneelse. after all, through years, human have lived a life that is interdependent.

But, where does it all come from? the expectations for unconditional love? We have seen it in books- where love is at the end the meaning of survival and happiness. we have seen it in movies- where togetherness and warmth is the inherent part of life. At some point, at sometime, someone showed us a glimpse of it.

It’s strange, but since birth we were born knowing that love is ought to be unconditional- that mum will love us no matter what, that you will feel that same warmth and that love is forever and there are no boundaries to love.

But, as days pass, as you love and ache, in the whole process, your mind is replaced by the conditioned aspects, you learn that nothing is forever and that behind every care and love, there is a reason. and that everyone is ought to be selfish to survive. we learn distinct differences- good or bad, right or wrong and categorize them.  but you are also, during this very process, reminded that like pandora box, there is hope, there still exists unconditional love and care.

And we walk on. believe in lies. love and ache at the end…
we learn distinct differences- good or bad, right or wrong and categorize them. what is ought to be and what should be..




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