**happy thoughts**

April 4, 2008

I have found you again, as though you were never gone. When all of my dreams seemed to shatter, all hopes lost, you brought back that magic. Yet again, you reached out, and held my hands to lead me to that precious world of our own- our little world. our home.

It’s magic what we have- you and I. They say life is not counted by the number of breathes we take, rather the number of times your breathe is taken away. But, every second I have spent with you has taken my breathe away. Everytime, you look into my eyes, I feel the sparks.

It’s magic. a magic that you and I have- the way our hands fit perfectly into each other, the way we cuddle against each other, the way we find happiness in each others arms, the way life is worth living because of each others presence and the love knows no bounds.

As the sun sets, as you hold me in your arms, as though you would never let go, and the way I hold on to you, as though there is no end to this precious moment, I pray silently under my breathe- that our precious love lives through it all. that our home within our heart is as warm as this moment.

I close my eyes, as you kiss away my tears of joy. I have found you again. as though you were never gone. I hold on to you and feel the sparks, the lightening, the music, the endless tunes that play through the nights we play- in each others dreams..

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