March 21, 2008

I realised I only write here, when I am upset or angry or unhappy about something. That’s no fair at all

It’s a weekend!! the craziness is over- the horrid pile of work, exams and of course the unbelievable emotional stress (I am not sure, if it’s over, but for this moment I hope it is).

It’s early in the morning and everyone is sleeping. I can hear my beloved sisters snor away louder than ever :S. I am all set to go to the older part of this city and hoping to come back with some story. More importantly, my companion for this trip is amazing- he takes great photographs, understands and is the best listener in the world.

I do not think I have ever come across someone, who listens and makes you feel safe, about the worst nightmares ever. I keep trying tag along with him, for selfish reasons. Because with him, in the strangest ways- I find happiness. and happiness is where home is. Now, it’s an imaginary world for me, but it’s still a world- a home of my own- our home.

shall be back with more 🙂

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