When we met

January 25, 2008

‘Okay. What would you say, if I ask you out right now, at this moment?’ said the sms at 3.45 am in the morning.

I had laughed my heart out. At the same time, I was taken aback. I admit, my heart had skipped a beat. just one beat though. not more. not less. 

‘You are crazy,’ I typed. ‘I would say you are completely crazy. and you don’t even know me and all that! what would you say in response of that?’

In a minute, my cell phone beeped. one new message. I giggled like a thirteen-year-old and jumped up from my bed and saw the message that said- ‘true. If you had only known that ever since the day I met you- six months ago, I had not been able to take my mind off you. If you had only known, how crazy I am about you!’

I hated to admit it but i blushed and typed, ‘You are crazy!’

He said, ‘ yes. about you.’

I had pushed away almost every other guy who had approached me till now. At various times, I had disappointed my friends, who desperately tried to “hook” me up. at other times, I just walked past great individuals and never stopped by to get to know them, to discover people. and in the process myself.

I was stressed out- for the longest time. I had tons of responsibilties, where there was no space for those little things that I had dreamt of. There was no space for the young girl in me- to be carefree. careless. and be myself.

I was just pretending. to be the strongest girl. to be allright till the very end. but inside, I was dying for respite. from everything around me.

And at  3.45 in the morning, I had finally wanted to let myself be- free and careless. after years- i wanted to be crazy. carefree. and absolutely stupid. and I was.

So, we played the silly sms game and finally he gathered the courage to call. and we talked. all morning. all day. and the next seven nights. none of us slept. none of bothered about anything. and my spoke our heart out. we shared the little things about life. and the big ones. and the ones that did not matter at all.

We had met first, at the launching ceremony of this new forum for young writers. I had thought him to be “ancient”, “pompous” and not nice at all- being the judgemental person I tend to be.

He, on the otherhand, had sat back and looked at me for the longest time and finally had bothered to tell my friend, who was sitting right beside me, about his music and that he would be performing in two weeks. He had invited us. or rather me. I had not even considered going to his show.

He had gone back home that night and “stalked” me on facebook. He had also left a line in his blog- ‘ if this young lady had known that her one smile kills the mere mortals of me, perhaps she would never smile again. Yes,I am interested in someone, after the longest time, but I am too much of a wuss to take a step..’

and he had left it right there. and I had moved on. there was no possibility of us meeting again. But, we did.

I went to his show. accidentally or maybe because, it was all planned. fate it was, maybe.

But we never had a conversation. He was right- he was too much a wuss to make a move. I, on the other hand, was to stupid to figure out and also too occupied in pushing everyone coming my way. There is no way, I could even consider knowing. oh, well.

six months passed. my life changed. so did his. i would say, his changed for good. he gathered the courage to speak to me online. and I was too bored and so, we had what was due for the longest time- a conversation. and then the whole process of knowing each and discovering the little things that sometimes slip away.

and finally, he made another “great” move! yes, he called me. and the rest is history. we met- and there was no end to conversations. to the little get-aways. to the quick lunches. to the musical evenings. to the moments that stood still and seemed so perfect. to those beautiful magical moments. to those moments when it seemed just right. to those moments when it was perfect. and meant to be.

and so we met. and it started. it seemed perfect- the way our hands fit perfectly into each others. the way we lived each moment, as though there was no tomorrow. the way he sweeped me off the floor. he knew magic. and everything he touched, shimmered with love and beauty…

and so we met- as though we would never part. as though there would be no end to the love we had.. and time passed.

but did that love really end?

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